ecosepThe Institute for Sports Medicine (SMI) Frankfurt am Main is proud to host the 3rd European College of Sports and Exercise Physicians (ECOSEP) conference on April 25-27, 2013. The SMI is the first German center to be part of the ECOSEP.

 ECOSEP aims to promote the highest standards of sports and exercise medicine physicians care.

 It is our mission to implement Sports and Exercise Medicine not only for the Olympic or elite but also for the recreational athlete. To further develop Sports and Exercise Medicine to a higher level it is the ECOSEP challenge not only to go the traditional national ways but rather to combine Sports and Exercise Medicine centers from all over Europe. This will enable us to share our knowledge and to set internationally accepted standards for Treatment and education in Sports and Exercise Medicine.

 The 3rd ECOSEP conference is constituted as a forum to understand and discuss the principles and rationales behind modern treatment methods, applied in Sports and Exercise Medicine. Experts from different European countries, representing different areas of Sports and Exercise Medicine, will meet to present their expertise, and to personally teach specific applications in the workshops.

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